Plant Lady

This illustration: Plant Lady is a representation of a part of my personality. The part which associates with both feminism and nature. I do also have a lot of plants in my apartment. They add some colour.

I love to draw and represent women (mainly millennials as I am one so I can identify with them) in a way that demonstrates strength and tries to display the naked body in a non-sexualised way. I want to show women who stand proud and are comfortable with themselves even though they may defy strict beauty standards that are imposed on us.

The plants don’t make much sense – they’re not really supposed to. I just like plants. I guess it’s just trying to show that body hair is okay on any place on the body. Pubic hair is awesome. Nothing to be ashamed of.

‘Nuff said.

This is one of the first illustrations I have done digitally that I have been happy with – in terms of the face, composition and colours. I’m trying to do at least 3 illustrations a week (hopefully more) and I want to develop more of my own uniqueness to my drawings!

Emily x




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