Illustration of the Day: Menstruation Dance

Menstruation has been on my mind recently, more than the usual five-of-the-month fiasco. I’ve been thinking about how ashamed women tend to be when they are on their period. Hiding tampons up their sleeves as they make their way from their desk to the toilet, from a seat in a restaurant to the toilet, from making their way from a lecture theatre to the toilet.

One of my most embarrassing memories to date was when I bumped into two of my bosses (male, of course). After saying hello I reached into my bag to hand to get my work keys and as I did a whole box of tampons fell out onto the street and spread around our feet. I tried to laugh it off, but I felt my cheeks starting to burn so I bolted to the ground and began to gather up the troops. At that point in time I was deeply embarrassed by this experience, especially since I barely spoke about periods unless it was with my close friends and mother. The fact that this happened in front of two men felt like I had committed some sort of crime. I will just say – that my two bosses laughed if off with me and didn’t care at all, but it was humiliating all the same.

Thinking back on this memory now I have a totally different perspective. Why on earth should any woman be ashamed of their period? From now on, I hope to try and represent menstruation throughout my illustrations in a small attempt to try and normalise the topic!

Thanks for reading!


Emily Jane x


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