Ambivalently Yours

The bold illustrator who goes by the name of, ‘Ambivalently Yours’ has become my latest obsession that falls under mental health, feminism and restoring confidence in those that have fallen into society’s trap of lacking self-worth. Seeing as such a lack of self-value is what helps to sell, right? Ambivalently Yours aims to change this through the use of uneven, something drawings that are organically use for activism against issues prevalent within society.

Ambivalently Yours embodies the emotions of many individuals and captivates them within the characters that are the stars of the art. A personal favourite is one named Anxiety Girl. The incohesiveness of the drawing resists the need for perfection within a drawing and this translates to the resistance of the perfectionism person.

Anxiety Girl

The transformation of what may be seen as a negative emotion has been captivated and transformed into one that can be used to empower women. Anxiety sucks, that’s for certain, but Ambivalently Yours shows the world that it doesn’t have to be something that we fight against. Anxiety doesn’t have to hold us back, we can still demolish the hierarchies that have been positioned to see ourselves as weak.

Using illustration as a creative outlet that fights against prejudice against mental illnesses, as well as the stigma that surrounds depression, self-harm, eating disorders etc. Ambivalently Yours helps to spread awareness and allows us to see those who suffer through a positive lens.

Another piece aims to reduce concern about body image that spreads amongst women, that may lead to disappointment, self-hatred and even disordered eating patterns. Ambivalently Yours dishes out sound advice: ‘less starving, more strutting’. Less worrying about what food you’re eating, or not eating, and more confidence in yourself.


Ambivalently Yours has inspired me to want to make my own creations that aim to help other people, or anyone in general, who suffer with mental illnesses, confidence issues or topics that can be benefited by feminism.

Hopefully, these pretty pink drawings can help you on in your life, or at the least add some colour into your day. Make sure to check out Ambivalently Yours work:

Ambivalently Yours
IG: @ambivalentlyyours

Emily x