Illustration of the Day

You can probably see that there’s a theme to my recent illustrations as I want to start making small projects and try to inject some consistency into my work. Hopefully, this will allow me to be able to develop my skills and challenge myself into representing a theme in different ways.


As always, these illustrations hope to empower women and all that jazz! I’m super exhausted today as I started a new job and couldn’t sleep due to nerves. I hope you like the drawing :).

Emily Jane x

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Intersectional Feminism

I’ve been having many conversations recently about intersectional feminism and how important it is to acknowledge the hierarchies within feminism.

“I don’t see race/colour” is a phrase used by some white feminists. It shows how such women use their place or privilege to refute and deny the sufferings of women of colour & erasing their personal/cultural history.

There is no ‘one feminism fits all’.